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Workplace accident victim thanks rescuers who saved his life

An Arizona restoration technician recently met with those who provided emergency treatment and saved his life earlier this year. The man suffered injuries in a workplace accident that occurred while he was assessing a flood-damaged assisted living center to determine whether it could be restored or whether it had to be demolished. The building had extensive water damage, making it extremely hazardous for workers to be inside.

Reportedly, the worker noticed some rusted drywall anchors, and while inspecting the bathroom, a large mirror became dislodged from the wall. Activities of a co-worker in another room caused the mirror to fall and shatter into pieces as it hit the counter. The man used his arm to shield his face, but he suffered severe injuries as mirror shards cut into his forearm. His co-worker rushed him to his vehicle and proceeded to drive him to the hospital.

However, he took a wrong turn but managed to flag down a police vehicle. Officers called for paramedics on their radio and provided emergency care until responders from the fire department arrived. They took over and rushed the injured worker to the hospital. Now, seven months later, he has recovered completely and met with his rescuers to thank them.

Anyone in Arizona who was injured in a workplace accident will know that medical bills and lost wages after such an incident could cause serious financial hardship. Fortunately, help is available through the state-regulated workers’ compensation insurance program. An experienced attorney can assist with the navigation of the benefits claims process for financial relief. Along with compensation for medical expenses, benefits typically include a percentage of lost wages.

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