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Workers’ compensation helps with medical costs for work accidents

It goes without saying that some jobs are, in fact, riskier than others. In Arizona, just like every other state, sometimes work accidents are just that: accidents. However, when an employee is injured on the job after there have been past complaints regarding workplace safety, it stands to reason that OSHA might want to take a closer look.

In another state, work on a bridge has stopped while OSHA does just that. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is conducting an investigation after two men were injured when they fell 40 to 50 feet from scaffolding. The company, Abhe & Svoboda, voluntarily halted work for a period of time to allow the company to discuss safety with the employees while OSHA looks into the situation.

Purportedly, there have been a number of safety concerns, both past and present, at this job site. One employee called into question the safety of the protective gear and the stability of the scaffolding. And while several workers supposedly refused to appear on camera to discuss safety issues for fear of company retaliation, a complaint was filed to OSHA just last year about the same job site in regards to a hole in the scaffolding.

Unfortunately, sometimes workers’ safety is jeopardized in an effort to cut costs. In the above example, for instance, a local union representative – not affiliated with anyone at the worksite – speculates that underbidding on a project leads employers to make up costs by pushing their workers to extremes. Whether this is the case or not remains to be seen. Regardless, the injured employees can at least hope to have their medical costs covered by workers’ compensation; they may also choose to seek the representation of an attorney who can help ensure they receive the maximum benefits to which they are entitled. In fact, anyone in Arizona who has been injured in similar work accidents has the right to consult a lawyer with experience in employment law, who will fight for the employee’s rightful workers’ compensation benefits.

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