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Workers’ compensation for injuries outside the workplace

Being injured on the job can have many life-altering effects for Arizona residents. All of a sudden, an employee may no longer be able to perform his or her daily duties. He or she may also be required to have a prolonged stay in a hospital, and may have to repeatedly return to a healthcare center for follow-up visits. These visits can result in hefty medical expenses and victims may be left wondering how they will be able to cover these many costs. Thankfully, workers’ compensation is often an option available to injured workers.

However, workers’ compensation cases are not always straightforward. Complexities can arise and there are many specifics unique to certain cases that can complicate matters. For instance, sometimes a worker may be injured outside of the workplace proper, but may still be eligible for workers’ compensation.

Typically, when an injury occurs within what is considered ‘the scope of employment,’ it can be covered. Certain instances where this may be applicable include when a travelling salesperson is injured while travelling for business purposes or when an employee is running an errand for the employer. However, even when an employee is running an errand, there are certain situations that may render him or her ineligible for workers’ comp, as can be the case when the employee deviates from the errand for personal reasons.

As becomes apparent, workers’ compensation can involve much that may not be initially obvious. Sometimes, it is not always apparent when a person may be eligible for workers’ compensation. However, attorneys are available to help injured employees better understand when they might be eligible for workers’ compensation. If it is found that they are eligible, an attorney may be able to help guide an injured worker through the process.

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