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Workers’ compensation benefits can mean a less stressful recovery

Construction sites in Arizona are no different from those anywhere else in the country: busy, chaotic and, unfortunately, potentially dangerous. While most employers take steps to ensure the well-being of their workers, some companies are less careful when it comes to following safety protocols and regulations; regardless, accidents can still occur at even the most conscientious construction sites. It’s situations like this that make workers’ compensation so important.

In another state, a construction worker suffered serious injuries on a recent Tuesday morning. According to reports by emergency personnel, the man was hit by a steel rod at a below-grade work site. The steel bar, referred to as a rebar, is commonly used in construction work involving concrete.

EMS responders first treated the worker’s injuries at the scene of the accident. After he was stable enough to be moved, the man was secured in a rescue basket, which was then lifted out of the site by a crane for transportation to a hospital for treatment. Police report that the injuries he suffered were serious and traumatic.

Generally, in workplace accidents like this, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration will follow up to determine how the incident occurred and whether steps need to be taken to improve onsite safety. Unrelated to any OSHA findings, though, is the security provided by workers’ compensation. An experienced Arizona workers’ compensation attorney is often necessary to help injured employees fight to receive the full amount of benefits to which they are entitled. These benefits can make all the difference between a recovery period spent concentrating on getting better in order to return to work and one rife with financial stress due to medical bills and lost wages.

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