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Workers’ compensation benefits are available for gradual injuries

Arizona workers are not only eligible for workers’ compensation benefits after being wounded in a catastrophic and sudden accident while at work. They are also eligible for benefits when they suffer from gradual injuries that develop over time. Due to the fact that it can takes weeks, months or even years for these injuries to reach an intolerable level, the insurer and employer might attempt to either reduce the benefits you receive or deny your claim all together.

Gradual injuries are also referred to as repetitive stress injuries. The initial injury could have been small and perhaps even barely noticeable. Through time and repeated use, the injury worsens.

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, which is characterized by injuries to the hands and wrists, falls into this category. The prolonged performance of the same action — such as typing, bending and reaching — can cause injuries to a variety of body parts. Injuries to the arms, shoulders and knees, along with the back, can also be the result of performing the same task a multitude of times.

It might be necessary for you to prove to your Arizona employer and the insurance company that your injuries are related to your job. Attempting to do so alone could cost you the benefits you need in order to provide for yourself and your family while you recover. Your attorney can bring in the appropriate people who can provide evidence that your injuries are related to your work.

Furthermore, these types of injuries tend to have lifelong effects on those who suffer them. Many Arizona workers who suffer from repetitive stress or gradual injuries reach a point where they are unable to continue working at their jobs. You will need an attorney to advocate for you that understands the workers’ compensation system and knows how to obtain and prepare the evidence that could help you receive the benefits you deserve.

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