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Worker suffers burns most of his body in industrial accident

All machinery and equipment used by Arizona workers requires routine maintenance and cleaning. Certain procedures need to be followed in order to ensure the safety of the men and women required to take care of those tasks. When a company fails to follow guidelines and regulations established by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the result could be a severe or life-threatening industrial accident.

For example, a worker in another state was inside an evaporator cleaning it when he suffered burns over 75 percent of his body from a hot liquid. Medical personnel rushed the man to a medical center in the area and then transferred him to a hospital in a neighboring state for further treatment. The preliminary investigation determined that the accident was preventable.

OSHA has up to six months to complete its investigation, which includes three separate inspections. When inside the evaporator, all of the energy sources should have been controlled and locked out. If the investigation determines that violations of OSHA regulations occurred, citations and fines may be assessed against the Nebraska company or companies involved.

In the meantime, the fate of the worker injured in this industrial accident remains uncertain. As would be the case here in Arizona, he is entitled to workers’ compensation benefits for his medical expenses and lost wages. Depending on whether a worker fully recovers from work-related injuries, other benefits are available as well. Considering the severity of this worker’s burns, he will more than likely require additional benefits and may benefit by consulting with an attorney to better understand his legal options.

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