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Worker nearly loses leg at construction site

Those who work at construction sites in Arizona face a number of safety hazards and risks that others might not even imagine when they go to their respective jobs. One of the dangers of a construction worker’s position is that he or she often has to work around heavy machinery and other equipment. Whenever this equipment is used or even moved, there is always a chance that a worker may be struck by that equipment and suffer serious injuries as a result.

One man in another state recently had one of his legs partially amputated when he was hit by an unspecified piece of heavy equipment while working at a construction site. Firefighters who arrived at the scene provided emergency care and transported the man to a nearby trauma center. Although the man obviously suffered a very serious injury to his leg, his injury was not being described as being life-threatening. Police and a state agency in charge of workplace safety are continuing to investigate the accident. The injured man is 40 years old.

Although construction accidents should all be taken seriously, the sorts of the accidents that result in the possible loss of an arm or a leg can be life-altering. Should doctors not be able to save this man’s leg, he will no doubt have to obtain an expensive prosthesis and go through a lot of rehabilitation in order to function in a normal manner. Whatever the outcome may be, he will probably have to miss a lot of work because of this injury.

Fortunately, Arizona’s no-fault workers’ compensation system may be able to help both this man and his family get through what will no doubt be a difficult time for them. While workers’ compensation cannot take away the emotional turmoil that this incident is likely to cause, it can help the family with financial issues by compensating them for the man’s substantial medical expenses and lost wages.

Source: CBS Baltimore, “Construction worker’s leg partially amputated in on-site injury,” Aug. 22, 2013

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