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Work injury often caused by overlooked safety hazards

Safety hazards exist in all work environments, and compliance with safety regulations is vital. While each industry in Arizona has its unique dangers, some work injury risks that are common to all are often overlooked. Dehydration is one of those risk elements that can cause various physical problems, particularly when workers are exposed to heat — both indoors and outside.

Stress is an invisible danger that can interfere with an employee’s ability to be productive, identify hazards and avoid injuries. While almost any job produces stress, long hours, infrequent or inadequate breaks and conflict can contribute to it. Furthermore, unrealistic deadlines or targets and job insecurity can exacerbate stress levels.

Management of ergonomics can prevent injuries associated with the manual handling of materials. Lifting and carrying heavy objects is an injury hazard, whether in an office, warehouse or on a construction site. Repetitive actions of lifting, pulling and pushing can cause musculoskeletal injuries that can keep employees off work for long periods. Bringing about some workplace modifications could avoid manual handling injuries.

Distractions pose another serious work injury hazard, and any work environment can be a danger zone without policies regarding mobile phones and other devices that are typically used to listen to music while wearing headphones. This is particularly applicable where heavy machines and dangerous equipment are operated. Any device that can distract or impede hearing is dangerous. Although injured workers in Arizona are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits, proper care in the workplace may prevent the need to do so. Benefits typically cover medical costs and may provide a wage-replacement package to make up for a portion of lost income.

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