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Work injuries could have been worse if victim was without PPE

Construction workers face an endless list of hazards — many of them life-threatening — and those who are not alert at all times might be caught unawares. However, it is not uncommon for workers to come away from potentially deadly accidents with work injuries that are less severe. Many employers in Arizona take particular note of these near-misses to prevent potentially traumatic consequences in the future.

One such accident occurred at a building site on a recent Monday morning. Officials of the Phoenix Fire Department reported that an emergency call came in at about 7 a.m. They rushed to the scene to find a construction worker who had fallen from street level into the basement of a building under construction. They learned that the man was safely strapped into the seat of a front-loader when he proceeded to pour a load of dirt into the basement.

Reportedly, a shift of weight caused the heavy equipment to topple over, dropping about 12 feet to land in the basement. The worker could not escape the fall because he was restrained. However, after firefighters used ladders to extricate the worker and bring him to street level, they determined that he suffered no more than an ankle injury. Fortunately, he wore the appropriate personal protective equipment. He was taken to a medical facility for treatment.

Not all construction workers in Arizona are fortunate enough to be part of a company with a culture of safety where workers are equipped with the necessary PPE to prevent work injuries. Fortunately, most injured workers are eligible for benefits through the state-regulated workers’ compensation insurance system. An attorney who is experienced in dealing with the program can assist with the claims process in pursuit of compensation for medical expenses and lost wages.

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