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Work accidents often avoidable with proper safety protocols

Worksites can be dangerous places. However, it is for this very reason that there are safety protocols in place. Procedures should be followed at all times to ensure the safety of Arizona workers and to avoid as many work accidents as possible. In another state, not following these safety procedures seems to have led to a dangerous workplace accident.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is investigating a trench collapse that occurred on Tuesday, March 14. A 23-year old worker for Utility Trenching, Inc., found himself trapped inside a trench for almost seven hours. The employee had been working on a sewer main project when the trench collapsed and buried him up to his waist in dirt.

OSHA investigators indicate that the trench, at the time of collapse, was nearly nine feet deep. This is the main reason for their investigation, as trenches greater than five feet in depth are required by OSHA to have proper safety precautions for workers. Trench collapses are a serious and dangerous issue, as 23 people have been killed in such incidences since January 2016.

Such work accidents are generally preventable if proper safety protocols are followed. When they are not, though, these dangerous occurrences can result in serious injury and even death. For Arizona workers who have been injured on the job in workplace accidents, a workers’ compensation attorney can offer assistance to fight on their behalf for full compensation and benefits. In the unfortunate case of worker death, the deceased employee’s family may also benefit from the guidance of a lawyer throughout the complex workers’ compensation process.

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