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What employees should know about an employer’s responsibilities

People universally go to work not expecting to get injured. So when they are unfortunately hurt while they are working, it should be expected that they may not know what to do when it comes to seeking benefits simply to keep the lights on and the rent paid. In industries such as construction, manufacturing and even law enforcement, employers have specific responsibilities with regard to providing workers’ compensation insurance as well as other duties to protect employees.

This post will highlight a few.

Provide proper medical treatment – Employers have a direct responsibility to provide immediate treatment at the scene of the accident and furnish further medical treatment if the employee is unable to select a physician or immediatelyy declines such treatment.

Do not intimidate or retaliate against employees who seek benefits – It is well known that some employees will not seek treatment or return to work despite being injured because they fear being fired or blackballed. Because of this, employers are prohibited from trying to prohibit an employee from filing an otherwise legal claim; either through intimidation or retaliation.

Comply with all requests for information – When the state workers’ compensation board, an insurance provider or other entity seeks information about the accident or the injuries sustained, the employer must comply with these requests. After all, such information is necessary to determine the employee’s current work status and need for continued benefits.

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