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Unemployment rate drops in Arizona for November

Having a job is a crucial part of one’s financial and emotional life. It provides a living wage to pay for rent and routine expenses, as well as the opportunity to provide for loved ones. If a person is injured at work, though, future earning potential is at risk. Often times, just being careful at work will not prevent an unforeseeable accident that is not a worker’s fault. If an Arizonan gets injured on the job, he or she can be compensated in the case of work accidents.

The unemployment rate in Arizona dropped to 7.8 percent in November, down by .4 percent from October. The majority of those jobs added in November where from the private sector, including 25,9000 nonfarm jobs. Arizona’s unemployment rate was slightly above the national average, which was 7 percent in November. Many jobs added were added across a variety of different sectors.

With employment growing, many new employees might be trained in sectors that are unfamiliar to them. Learning new equipment at a factory can be a challenging experience. In the event of a work accident, which can easily be caused by lack of training or rushed instruction, workers are allowed to receive workers’ compensation benefits for their injuries. Regardless of who is at fault, an injured worker is eligible for benefits. The process can sometimes be complicated, though, and benefits claims are frequently denied.

With the unemployment rate decreasing in Arizona, many people are starting new positions, taking on temp work or retraining in new fields. Any of these can culminate in a work accident. One of the toughest things about being injured on the job is finding a way to pay for living expenses, high medical costs and lost income. One financial step can be to file a claim for workers’ compensation for a workplace accident, and to seek out an attorney’s knowledge in dealing with denied or delayed claims.

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