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Two construction workers injured on same day

Arizona residents know that construction workers have to do their jobs without fear of heights. Working in high places, however, can both increase the risk of a construction site accident and make a subsequent rescue effort more difficult.

The truth of this fact became apparent in a city located in another state recently. In what some might see as an unfortunate yet unlikely coincidence, two construction workers had to be rescued at two separate construction sites after each had a construction accident. Thankfully, the workers’ colleagues and rescue crews managed to assist the injured workers, and it appears that they will survive.

The first incident happened at the building site of a new public library. The worker fell onto a roof from above and injured himself. With the help of a crane, rescuers tended to the worker and then lowered him to the ground in a rescue basket. An ambulance then transported the worker to a nearby hospital.

In the second incident, a worker apparently slipped and fell as the result of a scaffolding accident. While his safety harness broke the fall, his co-workers then had to lower him. However, he was lowered below the level of the street. Again, another person used a crane to put the man in a basket, but in this case, rescuers used the crane to raise the man to the level of the street. An ambulance was awaiting him.

While crane accidents can also lead to serious on-the-job injuries, in this case it seems that quick-thinking people employed the nearby cranes to help two workers avoid aggravating their injuries. For the injuries they do have, there may be compensation for lost wages and medical bills available, assuming that this state has a workers’ compensation system similar to that of Arizona.

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