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The basics of Arizona workers’ compensation

While Arizona employees are likely aware of the existence of workers’ comp, that may be the extent of their familiarity. However, since anyone can suffer a workplace accident at any time, it may benefit employees to familiarize themselves with the basics of workers’ compensation benefits. In this way, employees may be able to relax and concentrate more fully on their jobs, without worrying about what might happen to them if they’re injured.

With only a few exceptions, businesses both large and small are required to carry workers’ compensation. This type of insurance, paid for by employers. It covers employees when they suffer illnesses related to workplace exposure or are injured on the job.

Even when employers exercise a certain standard of care in providing a safe workplace, accidents still happen. This is when workers’ compensation comes into play. Job-related illnesses and injuries can be addressed promptly, regardless of who is at fault. Workers’ comp benefits kick in to help the injured employee, even if he or she caused the accident (again, with a few notable exceptions, such as alcohol impairment).

When employees are injured on the job, they are typically eligible to file an insurance claim with workers’ compensation, and benefits will kick in to help pay for medical bills, lost wages and more. In exchange, the injured employee gives up the right to sue his or her employer. However, there are exceptions to every rule, and the Arizona workers’ compensation is a complex system with lots of paperwork and regulations. Injured workers who are uncertain of their rights, who run into complications or who are simply unsure of where to begin may benefit from seeking the knowledgeable legal advice of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney.

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