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Summer temperatures can cause a serious on-the-job injury

As anyone who lives in this state knows, summers in Arizona are sweltering hot. In particular, residents this year have seen intense and downright dangerously high temperatures, especially a few weeks ago.

On their own time, Arizonans have learned to cope with the heat simply by staying indoors or taking a trip to the pool. However, some of this state’s residents have jobs that require that they work outdoors during the heat. In such cases, it is incumbent upon these workers’ employers to ensure that they stay safe and healthy while they are doing their work.

In another state that also has to deal with summer heat from time to time, some employers of those who work outdoors are taking extra precautions to protect their employees. The employers provide plenty of water to their work crews and encourage them to take a break in a shaded area, especially if they begin to feel ill. In some situations, these employers are also willing to adjust their workers’ schedules to keep them out of the heat.

Even if people mostly see the heat as an annoying condition that just comes with the territory in Arizona, heat stroke, dehydration and heat exhaustion are serious conditions that can lead to a permanent work injury, including a debilitating brain injury in some extreme cases. Although no employer can prevent all work injuries, illnesses and injuries related to the heat are easy to avoid simply by taking necessary precautions.

For those workers who do have the misfortune of suffering a significant condition because of the heat while on the job, Arizona’s workers’ compensation system may be available to cover some of their losses, including medical expenses and lost income. Such compensation could go a long way towards helping workers recover from their injuries.

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