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Steps to take immediately following workplace accident

In Arizona, workplace accidents are often the result of a fall, a mechanical error, employer negligence and other common incidents. In some work environments, such as construction sites, these accidents may be the result of the nature of the work; these jobs require a lot of physicality and movement in hazardous areas. But these accidents are not limited to just one type of work environment. Those working in offices can also fall victim to a slip and fall accident or a malfunctioning piece of equipment. These individuals often have rights under workers’ compensation.

immediatelyy following an accident, it can be challenging to know what actions to take. Work accidents are often unexpected and it is natural to feel flummoxed and confused following such an incident. Right away, however, it is important to report the injury to the employer. This should be done in writing, and a copy should be kept for personal records.

The employer should then offer the employee a claim form. This should be completed correctly and as soon as possible. The employer is not required to provide the worker with benefits until this form is completed. Once the form is finished, the employer is obligated to notify the workers’ compensation insurance company immediatelyy. Any delay in completing the claim can result in complications, which is why it is often of the utmost importance that these claims are completed as quickly as possible following an accident.

During this process, victims of workplace accidents often have many questions. Thankfully, attorneys are available to assist victims during the process, if necessary. With the help of an attorney, it is often possible to successfully file a claim and begin receiving benefits.

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