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Steel crushes worker leaving him with critical injuries

Inattentiveness, lack of safety protocols, and lack of supervision can all lead to a workplace accident which results in serious injuries. A work injury can be devastating to an individual. The worker may be forced to deal with disfigurement, physical impairment, mental anguish, and unexpected medical expenses that can make life financially difficult, especially when the injured person is unable to work.

One worker may be facing this situation now after he was seriously injured at a steel company. According to reports, a load of steel on a forklift shifted and crushed the worker. The worker suffered critical chest injuries that may be life threatening. When a tragic accident like this occurs, the victim’s employer and the employer’s insurance should go out of their way to ensure the hurt worker is taken care of appropriately.

Many times this happens as workers’ compensation claims are accepted and paid and Social Security Disability benefits are granted. Other times, though, these benefits are withheld from injured workers for various reasons. Sometimes a claim is made that the worker was not within his scope of employment when the accident occurred, that the worker himself negligently caused the accident, or that no actual injuries were sustained.

If such a rejection occurs, the injured worker should seek help in fighting the denial. A passionate workers’ compensation attorney will represent the worker’s best interests and will fight for the compensation he deserves. This may mean being meticulous in gathering evidence, questioning in analyzing witness statements, and fervent in legal argument. Just when it seems like no one is looking out for him, an injured worker can find a zealous advocate in an attorney who will seek to recover medical costs and lost wages for the worker.

Source: The Dallas Morning News, “Worker seriously injured at steel company in Fort Worth,” Matt Peterson, Oct. 10, 2013

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