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Scaffolding fall injures two Phoenix construction workers

Construction workers have admirable jobs. They build the houses in which we live, the offices where we work, the schools in which we learn, and the roads to get us to those places. While these jobs help grow our economy and advance our society, these workers operate daily in dangerous conditions. Laws and safety regulations seek to protect these workers, but oftentimes these rules are neglected, overlooked, or ignored. When this happens, serious injuries can result that leave workers in a physical and financial bind.

One such accident occurred recently in Phoenix. There, two workers were injured while working on a Phoenix home when the scaffolding on which they were working slipped or collapsed. The men fell from a height of three stories and sustained injuries. The men were taken to the hospital, but were alert and talking at the scene of the accident.

Construction accidents like this often leave an injured construction worker unable to work, which in turn makes paying bills difficult. Medical expenses can compound on top of house payments, rent, utilities, car payments, and everyday expenditures. This financial stress, together with the physical pain associated with construction site injuries, can leave the worker in a state of despair.

Fortunately, these injured workers can seek workers’ compensation. While these payments are beneficial, all too often these claims are denied by insurance companies for various reasons. If this happens, the injured worker should seek help from an experienced attorney who will fight to prove the worker is entitled to compensation. This may mean showing the accident resulted from unsafe working conditions and while within the scope of employment.

A scaffolding accident should not leave a worker unable to meet his financial obligations and unable to reach a full physical recovery. If these aspects are important to him, then he should seek an attorney who feels just as committed to them and who is willing to fight for them.

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