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Safety authorities issue warnings to prevent robotic work injury

Robotics is no longer limited to factories and other industrial facilities. Robots are now also used in the construction industry in Arizona and elsewhere. Following two separate incidents of a robot-related work injury, safety authorities say each new project requires a thorough analysis to identify potential hazards and risk zones.

In one incident, a contractor was tasked with demolishing an HVAC system. He was fitted with a remote control system mounted around his waist, with a wire attached to the robot that was equipped with a shear attachment. During the demolition process, the worker had to reposition the robot and its cable, but he accidentally bumped the controller against the robot. The machine moved forward and crushed him against a wall. After a co-worker noticed the unconscious worker, he was extricated and rushed to a hospital with severe chest injuries.

At another construction project, a worker was operating the remote controller of an outrigger to chip away concrete during the installation of a generator. However, he placed himself between the outrigger and the excavation wall. While trying to apply more pressure, the heavy outrigger was unintentionally lowered. It came down on the worker’s foot, causing severe crushing injuries that included nerve damage and fractured bones.

Both these workers were unable to return to work for extended periods. Any victim of a robot-related work injury in Arizona will likely be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. In accidents such as these, victims might be left with temporary or permanent disabilities. The help of an experienced attorney could ease the complicated benefits claims process, improving the chances of obtaining maximum benefits under applicable laws.

Content retrieved from: https://www.jeromegibsonlawfirm.com/blog/2019/04/safety-authorities-issue-warnings-to-prevent-robotic-work-injury/.

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