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Recuperation should be main concern after construction accidents

Arizona construction sites are hectic, busy places, and even when everyone is being careful, injuries may still occur. Because of the often-chaotic atmosphere with workers coming and going and the sometimes-unpredictable elements, construction accidents can happen even to the most experienced employees. Thankfully, when workers are injured, there are benefits like workers’ compensation to help.

At a construction site in another state, a worker was recently injured when a trench collapsed. The 31-year-old man was in a pipe ditch when a rock from a side wall fell onto his legs. The owner of the excavation company called emergency services, who quickly arrived on-site to free the trapped worker.

The injured employee was taken by helicopter to a medical center for treatment of his broken bones. Though he lost consciousness due to pain several times, most recent reports indicate that he was stable following surgery. He is expected to recover, though his recuperation will involve a hospital stay and may take up to eight weeks.

Thankfully for this man and other similarly injured workers hurt in on-the-job construction accidents, workers’ compensation can help reduce some of the additional stress that would otherwise accompany such incidents. Workers’ comp insurance benefits allow injured employees to concentrate on their recovery without having to worry about medical expenses and lost wages. While filing a claim may feel overwhelming or intimidating, there are attorneys who specialize in helping injured workers. Experienced lawyers can provide assistance at any point in the process, from initial paperwork to challenging a denial, to help injured Arizona employees receive the maximum amount of benefits to which they are entitled.

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