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Proper safety protocols may prevent an industrial accident

Arizona employees who earn their livings in manufacturing plants may have reason to be concerned about their safety. There are multiple safety hazards in these facilities, any one of which can cause an industrial accident. Things that may lessen the likelihood of injuries include wearing the appropriate safety equipment and avoiding loose clothing and jewelry that can get caught in moving machine parts. Tying back long hair may also be wise.

Frequent evacuation drills must be part of the safety protocol, and hazards that are identified during regular risk assessments can be addressed immediatelyy to prevent work accidents. If all employees receive adequate safety training, they could avoid injuries but also know what to do in emergencies. A power tool accident may be prevented if such equipment is kept clean, in working order and stored properly.

Operators of heavy machinery are at a higher risk — particularly if the company fails to install safety guards and lockout/tagout devices to prevent accidental contact with moving machine parts. Furthermore, allowing workers to operate machines without being properly trained could be deadly. Also, many factory workers do not realize the hazards caused by negligent housekeeping. Clean work areas can prevent accidents.

Any factory worker in Arizona who is suffering the consequences of an industrial accident may be entitled to file a workers’ compensation benefits claim. Injured workers who can prove their injuries to be work-related may receive benefits to cover medical expenses and lost income. The claims process can be complicated, and for that reason, many victims seek the support and guidance of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney.

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