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Police cracking down on errant construction zone driving

Police in Saskatoon are clamping down on errant driving in construction zones. The increased attention comes after a safety researcher theorized that for every 300 near misses there are 29 minor incidents and one major accident. A minor accident could lead to the need for first aid while a major accident could mean missed work or death. With these numbers in mind, police are seeking to prevent near misses by stopping those who fail to obey construction zone speed limits and those who fail to drive with due care.

As evidenced by the numbers above, working construction can be very dangerous. Being clipped by a car can lead to serious injuries including broken bones and/or head and neck injuries. A full on collision between a vehicle and a worker can cause disability or death.

Recovery from an injury sustained during a construction accident can also take time, cause pain, and cost money. An injury can take weeks, months, or years to fully recover from and may require painful physical therapy, all the while the victim is unable to work. Being unable to work, the victim may have a hard time making ends meet and paying for the care he so desperately needs.

Workers injured by construction accidents can file a workers’ compensation claim to seek financial assistance. The claim will be considered by the employer’s insurance company, which then decides whether to approve or deny the claim. A denial could deal a severe blow to the victim, but he should be aware that he can challenge that denial, and an experienced workers’ compensation attorney can help.

An attorney can assist in proving the accident caused injuries to the victim while he was in the scope of his employment. It may also become necessary to prove the injuries did not exist prior to the accident and that the injuries are real. But with legal help, an injured construction worker can put his best argument forward in hopes of receiving the help he needs to get back on his feet.

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