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Nurses face daily risks of being hurt at work

Nurses in Arizona and across the country are frequently treated with disdain by the patients for whom they risk their health and safety every day. One of the issues that makes nursing a dangerous job is the unpredictability of every shift. Nurses who report for duty have no idea what they will have to deal with during the next eight to 10 hours. Judging by the number of reported cases of nurses who were hurt at work by violent and abusive patients, it is clear that the patients or their visitors pose many of the dangers.

Nurses endure high levels of physical exertion that include being on their feet for long hours as well as lifting, turning and moving patients of all sizes throughout their shifts. Many nurses end up with chronic back pain that leads to missed work. Furthermore, they face exposure to contagious diseases, radiation, dangerous or faulty medical devices and equipment, hazardous surgical smoke, needlestick injuries and more.

Understaffing is par for the course in many medical facilities, which typically leads to a limited number of nurses overextending themselves to do the jobs of many. Even though this leaves them overtired and overworked, they are also expected to work for extended hours and are burdened with additional overtime to ensure the patients receive proper care. Mandatory overtime and an excessive workload can lead to long-term health problems, and the musculoskeletal damage suffered by many nurses forces them to stop working long before they may want.

Fortunately, help is available with the financial expenses related to medical treatment and therapy for nurses who were hurt at work. An Arizona attorney who is experienced in dealing with the state-regulated workers’ compensation insurance program can assist with the navigation of benefits claims that will also cover lost wages.

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