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he Challenges Of Mental Stress And Impairment Claims

Under some conditions, workers can make a claim for workers’ compensation benefits for psychological stress relating to their jobs. These claims require more proof than other types of claims, and employers and insurers will fight them fiercely. Because of these challenges, you should consult experienced legal counsel immediately if you believe that you have been injured by abnormally stressful working conditions. The lawyers at Jerome Gibson, P.C., have significant experience in all areas of Arizona workers’ compensation law, including claims due to mental stress. We do not charge attorney’s fees unless you receive benefits.

More Than Just “Normal” Stress

A claim for workers’ compensation benefits based on mental stress and impairment must result from some unusual, unexpected or extraordinary working conditions. Stress from a difficult work relationship or boss is generally not enough for a successful claim based on mental stress and impairment. In some cases, however, workers’ compensation benefits are available on the basis of mental stress and impairment.

Our attorneys have successfully represented:

  • Police officers and other public employees who suffered work-related post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Workers in other situations where unusual working conditions caused mental stress and impairment

When we represent you in a workers’ compensation claim on the basis of mental stress and impairment, we will explain in further detail the higher standard that you must meet in order to successfully receive benefits. We will help you seek advice and treatment from doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists and other appropriate experts to document the chronic pain, the physical and emotional effects of your injury, and how your impairment interferes with your ability to work.

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