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Investigation continues into Tesla industrial accident

Some industrial jobs carry a level of injury risk. Even with proper safety precautions, accidents occur. This can be especially dangerous in industrial environments where heavy machinery and chemical processes are involved. It’s important for Arizona employers to maintain a work environment that complies with U.S. safety regulations. This not only helps to ensure a safe environment, but also decreases the chance of injuries resulting from an industrial accident. Employers who do not comply with basic levels of safety for their employees are acting in a way that could make them liable for damages if their workers are hurt on the job.

California safety officials are investigating the electric-car company Tesla after an industrial accident led to three workers being hurt. The workers were injured at the company’s Model S plant when they came into contact with hot metal due to a failure of one of their aluminum casting presses. The investigation into the factory accident could take up to six months to determine what caused the incident.

With any kind of on-the-job injury, the recovery period can be lengthy, often much longer than expected. Sometimes an employer may be liable for damages if they acted in a negligent manner. Injured workers are also entitled to workers’ compensation to help provide financial support while they recuperate at home or in a hospital. That compensation can depend on the nature of the injury, the length of rehabilitation and the amount of lost income.

Industrial accidents can result in painful long-term injuries. That’s why many companies take precautions to make sure their workers are protected in potentially dangerous environments. When proper precautions are not taken and accidents result, those who are injured on the job are entitled to compensation.

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