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How to be safe at your holiday party

Holiday parties are a time for companies and business owners to be thankful for their workforce. They allow people to get together, be social and maybe interact with other workers who they don’t see on a day-to-day basis. Unfortunately, some parties may end in a work accident, even if workers are exercising caution. There are several tips for workers on how to safely navigate the annual holiday party at work.

A recent article mentioned that the holiday party can be a time for alcohol consumption. This can lead to some poor behavior, so employers are recommended to offer non-alcoholic drinks, have liquor liability insurance and to not hang mistletoe, which can lead to accidents or serious social faux pas.

In Arizona, a company may be held liable if they serve alcoholic drinks at a party and an individual is involved in an accident. At the party, an employer is responsible for providing a clean environment. Even a routine slip and fall can lead to serious medical conditions that require treatment. All employers must adhere to standards set forth by OSHA. If those standards are broken, workers may be eligible to receive further compensation.

If a Phoenix worker is hurt on the job at a holiday party, they may be entitled to compensation. Workers have rights while they are recuperating from an injury sustained due to an unsafe working environment. Even a small accident at a holiday party can have lingering effects. Being safe is important, but sometimes accidents will happen. Workers are usually eligible for financial compensation when this happens on the job.

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