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How do I file a claim for industrial workers’ accidents?

When a worker in Arizona suffers from a workplace injury, there are many things that must be considered by the worker and his or her family. Before anything else, it’s imperative that there be an understanding of the details of filing a claim for workers’ compensation after industrial workers’ accidents. In order to receive benefits after industrial accidents, the claimant must follow the proper procedures or there will be an issue with approval.

When filing the claim, it must be filed within one year from when the injury happened or when the worker was informed of the condition he or she suffers from. It is up to the worker to file the claim, be responsible for all the various pieces of information – documents and notices – that make hearing requests possible if there is a disagreement regarding the details of the case.

There are certain time constraints for protest and the requests for hearings must be filed within the proper time frame. In addition, the injured worker must inform the Industrial Commission of Arizona or ICA and the insurer of the claimant’s vital information such as the home address while the claim is being sorted out.

Regardless of the injury, from the outset of treatment, it’s imperative that the worker tells the treating doctor and medical staff that the injury was suffered on the job. A form will be given to the worker to fill out. It is known as a “pink form.” The title of the form is “Worker’s and Physicians Report of Injury.”

In the event that it is not completed while at the medical office or hospital, the ICA can provide a form called a “Workers’ Report of Injury.” This is how the worker applies for benefits for the injuries suffered. The medical professionals will send the “pink form” to the ICA. A copy will be provided to the workers’ compensation insurer and the employer.

The ICA will inform the insurer and the worker of the name of the insurer. This must be received within two weeks of the injury. If it hasn’t been received the injured worker or legal representative should contact the ICA to find out what’s happening with the claim. After the insurer receives the claim, it will be decided whether it will be approved or not. This will happen within three weeks of the date they were notified.

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