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Health care workers have access to workers’ compensation benefits

Hospital workers and nurses have to cope with excessive workloads, which frequently lead to debilitating stress and physical injuries. Some may not realize that they are entitled to the same workers’ compensation benefits as all the other workers in Arizona. By understanding the hazards that typically cause harm, home health aids, nurses and other workers in the health care industry could reduce the likelihood of suffering occupational injuries.

Heavy lifting of injured patients or twisting their bodies into awkward positions is par for the course for health care workers. Along with needlestick injuries and infections or exposure to allergens, musculoskeletal and repetitive injuries are the most frequent causes of absence from work. Many of these injuries have long-term consequences, and some can cause chronic pain.

Along with extended hours, often overnight, health care workers encounter emotionally loaded situations that involve death and sorrow on a daily basis. Interacting with grieving family members and those who suffered traumatic events is incredibly taxing, and many workers struggle not to get emotionally involved. Along with this, the likelihood of violence in the workplace exacerbates the stress levels of most workers in medical facilities.

Fortunately, victims of physical, mental or emotional occupational damage may seek financial support to help with medical expenses and lost income if their conditions prevented them from going to work. It might be challenging to motivate claims for stress as being work-related. However, this is where the skills of an experienced attorney who deals with the Arizona workers’ compensation insurance system every day can be invaluable. He or she can handle the claims process on behalf of the injured worker in pursuit of maximum benefits.

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