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Fatal work accident lesson to Arizona employers

Police recently found a man, who had been reported missing, at his place of employment. He had apparently died because of some sort of factory accident. The plant at which this man works makes castings for automobiles. Details of both the accident and the ensuring search for this man-who was not identified-remain sketchy. It is therefore unclear whether rescuers could have saved the man’s life had someone located him earlier.

However, the incident still serves as a powerful to Arizona employers about keeping careful track of where there workers both are located, especially in an accident or other emergency. Because factory accidents can happen without anyone witnessing them, it is probably a good idea to have established procedures through which to locate an injured worker.

After all, injuries from an industrial accident can be quite serious and require immediate treatment. If other employees and supervisors cannot locate a worker (and instead have to take the time to call the police to help with the search), then the worker may not get the medical care he or she needs. Because industrial accidents are inevitable in even the safest factory environments, it is essential that an employer have a plan by which promptly to find and treat an injured worker.

Prompt treatment would have another benefit to Arizona employers as well. Because in Arizona workers’ compensation is no fault, employers must compensate for their employees’ work-related injuries. The more serious the injury, the more likely it is that an employer will wind up paying higher premiums for workers’ compensation insurance.

Prompt location and treatment of a worker could mitigate an injury somewhat and ultimately leaver the worker alive and able to return to his or her job one day; as a side benefit, it could also save an employer money.

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