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Employee saves co-worker’s life after workplace accident

Employers in Arizona may recognize the importance of having one or more employees undergo first aid training after an incident in a neighboring state. Reportedly, the event occurred on a recent Tuesday at a factory that makes wooden framework to support roofs. An employee apparently suffered a serious injury in a workplace accident.

There is no indication of how the accident happened. However, saws and other heavy machinery are operated at the factory, and the worker must have made contact with the working parts of one of the pieces of equipment. Reportedly, he suffered a deep cut to his arm.

A co-worker jumped into action when he noticed the heavy bleeding. He apparently made a tourniquet and applied it to the injured man’s arm. At this time, other employees managed to stop a passing fire truck, which rushed the injured victim to the hospital. The quick action of the co-worker stopped the bleeding and might have saved the injured worker’s hand. According to his supervisors, he is expected to recover.

Although this worker was fortunate to have the help of a quick-thinking co-worker, he will still face high medical bills. Arizona employees who are in similar situations may seek financial relief through the workers’ compensation insurance program. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney can assist with claiming benefits that typically cover medical expenses and a percentage of lost wages. If a workplace accident causes a disability, a claim for additional benefits for long-term assistance and vocational training may be filed.

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