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Electrician accidents can cause extended hospital stays

Electrical hazards exist in almost every workplace in Arizona. However, safety authorities say most electrician accidents occur on construction sites. They say many workers suffer electrical shocks that are never reported, and for that reason, the existing records indicate only serious and fatal electrical injuries.

The hazards include overhead power lines, faulty equipment, lightning, damaged insulation, improper grounding and doing maintenance or repairs without de-energizing the equipment. An electrical shock happens when an electrical current passes through a worker’s body, causing him or her to become a part of the electrical circuit. For that to happen, the worker must touch two electrical currents with different voltages, or be in contact with an electric current and a ground without being protected by shoes with rubber soles — for instance.

The severity of an electrical shock depends on different factors. The ampere measurement of the amount of current that flows through a victim’s body is one factor, and the path that the current follows through the victim’s body is another. The amount of time that the worker’s body is part of the electrical circuit will also play a role in the severity of the injury.

Victims of work-related electrician accidents in Arizona often end up in a hospital, and it would only be natural to become anxious about mounting medical bills and the lack of income. Fortunately, the state-regulated workers’ compensation insurance program provides benefits that typically take care of those matters. Many injured workers choose to use the support and guidance on an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to assist with the navigation of the benefits claim.

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