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Construction, electrician accidents may carry higher risk

Anyone can get hurt in an unforeseen event at any time. Some Arizona jobs, however, carry a higher degree of risk, and injuries are unfortunately more likely to occur in factory worker, construction worker or electrician accidents than to employees who work in, for example, a movie theatre. Tragically, sometimes these workplace accidents prove fatal and leave behind grieving families.

In another state, an electrical worker died recently in just such a work accident. According to the most current reports, the contract line worker was attempting to change out a utility pole at around 11 a.m. for a construction company. Though no one seems entirely certain how the accident occurred, the man was electrocuted during what was supposed to be a routine pole change.

When emergency workers arrived at the scene, they immediatelyy began attempts to resuscitate the man. Sadly, their attempts to save his life were unsuccessful, and the worker was later pronounced dead at a local hospital. While no one else – neither passers-by nor other employees – was injured during the incident, the state’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration began an investigation.

Both companies issued statements of sympathy to the deceased worker’s family and assured that they are cooperating fully with authorities to investigate the cause of the accident, as employee safety is a top priority. Regardless of what any official investigations uncover, however, it can unfortunately do nothing to bring back the deceased man to his grieving family. The bereaved loved ones may at least find some small measure of stress relief from knowing that workers’ compensation benefits can help with monetary issues like funeral expenses and lost income, allowing them time to mourn their loss with less financial worry. At times such as this in Arizona when construction worker or electrician accidents occur, an experienced attorney may be of some assistance in helping fight for the full amount of benefits to which injured workers and their families are entitled.

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