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Construction accident partially buries man; man dies

A construction worker who was on a job in a state near Arizona died after succumbing to injuries he sustained in a construction site accident. The man was working on a sewage line and was apparently in a trench.

While it is not clear exactly what happened and authorities continue to investigate, it would appear that the trench partially collapsed and buried the man from the waist down. Unfortunately, even though the man was only partially buried, he sustained other injuries in connection with the incident and died from those injuries. While these sorts of construction accidents can affect anyone and everyone who is working below the ground at the time of the collapse, in this case no one else was injured.

Although doing so is often necessary with respect to most construction projects, working in a trench can present dangerous and unpredictable conditions, even when people take every appropriate precaution. Even a well-dug trench can collapse quickly and without warning.

Fortunately, when a trench accident like the one in this case affects an Arizona worker, he or she (or his or her immediate family) can get some financial relief through Arizona’s workers’ compensation system. By way of example, had this incident happened in Arizona, workers’ compensation would reimburse the family for their funeral expenses as well as provide them with some regular payments to make up for the loss of a family breadwinner.

Construction sites present many hazards to Arizona workers. Underground construction presents additional dangers. Thankfully, although no amount of money can bring a person back or undo a debilitating injury, workers’ compensation in this state can provide financial relief to a suffering family.

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