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Compensation for families after fatal construction accidents

For Arizona construction workers injured on job sites, workers’ compensation can mean one less thing to worry about while they recover from their injuries. Unfortunately, sometimes construction accidents prove fatal, such as in a recent incident in another state. Tragically, the accident resulted in the death of a construction worker from a fall.

Regulations permit the scaling of ladders without fall protection to heights of up to 15 feet, and the worker fell from only 12 feet. Tragically, in this case, the fall still proved deadly, at least as far as medical examinations to date can determine, since no other cause of death was immediatelyy apparent during an external autopsy. The state’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration has opened an inquiry to investigate further, just to be certain.

As no hazards were immediatelyy evident at the construction site where the fatal accident took place, no restrictions have been imposed and work was not halted. OSHA’s investigation will examine records from the coroner as well as the company’s training procedures and safety plans. The investigation, which may take up to six months, could potentially result in fines if it uncovers any violations of safety regulations.

Citations and fines are meant to act as both a deterrent to companies who might otherwise be tempted to circumvent safety protocols as well as an incentive for employers to make necessary changes to avoid future incidents. While this benefits employees, it sadly does nothing to restore deceased workers to their grieving families, for whom such changes come too late. Arizona families who have lost a loved one to construction accidents may, at least, benefit from the legal counsel of a workers’ compensation attorney, who can fight on their behalf for the maximum amount of benefits, meaning one less source of stress for the bereaved family during their time of mourning.

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