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After getting hurt in an on-the-job injury, it may take time and effort to wade through the legal process of recovering damages. For Arizona residents, part of this process could mean filing for workers’ compensation. A work accident, especially in industrial jobs that involve heavy equipment, can be very serious.

Question:  What is the amount of compensation that an injured worker is entitled to?Answer: Two thirds of his or her average monthly gross wage earnings.Question: What is the highest aveage monthly wage?Answer:  $4,256.94Question: When is it effective?Answer:  Jan 1, 2014.For more information on wages or other questions you may have

Many workplaces say they are committed to safety, but don’t take the necessary precautions to actually ensure safety for their employees. An unsafe work environment can have a devastating impact on your life. When a company doesn’t adhere to proper safety protocols, workers can be injured by factory accidents, unhealthy

When Arizona residents are injured on the job they may be entitled to compensation. A professional driver or construction worker may find themselves transporting large quantities of supplies each week. An injury on the roads can be devastating to someone carrying a large load. When drivers are traveling at high