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epresenting Workers With Back Injuries

At Jerome Gibson, P.C., we have more than 48 years of experience representing people in Phoenix and throughout Arizona who have sustained a serious back injury while on the job. If you or a loved one has suffered a serious back or spinal cord injury, let us put our extensive experience and in-depth knowledge to work for you.


We represent construction workers, warehouse workers, truckers and others in similar professions. Typically, these clients suffer back injuries in the following types of work accidents:


  • Construction accidents: Slipping and falling on debris or slippery surfaces, falling down stairs, falling off a ladder or scaffolding, falling on an unstable surface or tripping on wires
  • Warehouse and trucking accidents: Loading and unloading cargo, lifting heavy tools and supplies, or tripping on debris on the work site
  • Other work accidents: Carrying heavy objects, pulling loads, falling off high places or falling on slippery floors


Our team of attorneys has handled countless back injury cases. Whether you suffered a slipped disc, a severed spinal cord or a less serious injury, we are here to protect your rights. We are committed to helping clients secure the workers’ compensation benefits to which they are entitled.

We Offer Personalized Attention And Service

At Jerome Gibson, P.C., we do not believe in one-size-fits-all advice. Our firm offers personalized service and steadfast representation to each of our clients. We will always take the time to learn about your situation and tailor our legal guidance to meet your exact needs.

Free Initial Consultation With An Attorney

To learn more about our services and how we can help you pursue a work accident claim, email us or call us at 602-254-8481. With offices available in Phoenix and Tucson, we serve clients throughout the surrounding areas of Arizona.