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AZ employers fail to enforce safety measures, slapped with fines

Construction workers are employed in an industry that is generally considered dangerous, due to the conditions, the work being done and the heavy equipment being used by workers. Recently, several Arizona contractors and manufacturers were slapped with fines for failure to adhere to safety regulations. Failure to follow these guidelines by employers could leave an Arizona construction worker at risk for injuries sustained on the job.

ADOSH, or the Arizona Division of Occupational Safety and Health, made a statement about these recent fines claiming, that the agency’s purpose to protect workers from harm is a responsibility shared with employers. As such, it is in the best interests of employers to ensure that safety measures, equipment and training are in place for their workers. If they do not, it leaves workers more susceptible to construction accidents and injuries.

Many injuries sustained by Arizona construction workers are due to falls. Coincidentally, the number one citation ADOSH gives out is for a lack of proper fall protection during construction activities. This coincides with the idea that many worker injuries, especially due to falls, could be prevented. This is a reasonable accommodation and it is also the law.

There are many reasons that a construction worker could have sustained a work injury. Due to the lack of safety measures taken at many AZ job sites, there may be parties liable for injuries suffered by workers. When these injuries occur, entire families may be affected. It is important to remember that there are workers’ compensation programs and other legal actions that may be available to Arizona employees.

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