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Arizona railroad worker killed in on-the-job truck accident

When a worker is killed or injured on the job, it may appear as if it is that worker’s fault. But what’s important to remember is that the worker may not have been given the proper training or equipment to do his or her job properly. Making sure an employee has what they need to do a dangerous job safely is an employer’s duty. It’s important to consider these factors when work accidents happen.

This could be the case when an Arizona railroad worker died after the truck he was driving crashed into a parked freight train. The 41-year-old man was driving a truck that was equipped to drive along railroad tracks.

According to details from the sheriff’s office investigating the crash, the man was in charge of monitoring and maintaining the railroad tracks in the area.

Police believe the man was inspecting tracks at the time of the accident. A spokesman for the sheriff’s office also said that it could be possible that the man was distracted at the time he rear-ended the parked train. The conductors at the front of the parked train said they did not feel the impact.

It’s unknown at this point if inspectors with the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration are on the site investigating the accident. An investigation usually occurs when a worker dies on the job.

There are many possible factors that could have caused the accident. The man may not have been trained properly, the brakes on his truck could have not been working or the man may have been working too much, causing fatigue. The man’s family will want to see what the investigation turns up as the cause of the accident.

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