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Arizona insurance group introduces name change

Workers’ compensation insurance companies in Arizona are performing a valuable service for those injured on the job. Getting hurt while working puts many individuals in a difficult situation. Oftentimes they are supported by workers’ compensation, but the path to financial stability can be challenging if not handled properly.

In Arizona, the state’s largest workers’ compensation insurer will change its name to CopperPoint Mutual Insurance Co. The change in the name was required by the Arizona legislature because the firm originally started out as part of a state agency. The company helps to cover more than 500,000 Arizonians who work for more than 20,000 employers. The company had a net income of $286 million in 2012 after taxes and dividends.

Large insurance companies help to provide many workers with suitable compensation packages when they are injured on the job. The benefits provided through workers’ compensation can help pay for lost wages in the event of a workplace injury. If a benefit claim was denied or benefits were terminated, getting information about Arizona’s claims process can help get an injured worker back to financial security.

Workers’ compensation insurers are there to help when someone is hurt on the job. Sometimes they can be very quick with claims, but, unfortunately, they can also be slow at times after a workplace accident. Large firms like CopperPoint Mutual Insurances Co. want to provide a service, but it is important to be well educated about the applicable Arizona law to take the necessary steps to receive compensation.

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