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Arizona honors victims of workplace accidents

The Industrial Commission of Arizona, which oversees this state’s workers’ compensation system, recently encouraged all Arizonans to observe what is called Workers’ Memorial Day. The day gives this state’s residents the opportunity to reflect on the sacrifices that many of those who work in dangerous occupations have to make, particularly when they get hurt at work.

Many people know that workers in some occupations, like law enforcement officers and soldiers, are more likely to suffer a debilitating or deadly workplace injury. However, according to the acting director of ADOSH, the state agency responsible for overseeing safety conditions in the workplace, Arizonans work in several other dangerous occupations as well including the construction industry and even farming. All of these workers perform essential functions at great personal risk in order to ensure that Arizona is a good place to live.

The ICA hopes that by remembering each year the magnitude of the loss that both an injured worker’s family and colleagues suffer, both employees and employers will re-commit themselves to safety in order to prevent future workplace accidents.

To this end, the ICA has prepared a series of videos that review general safety procedures that can apply to a variety of work environments. For those who want more individualized attention, the ICA can also conduct an audit of a work site’s safety practices and procedures. Employers can also use Workers’ Memorial Day as an opportunity to conduct an internal review of their safety plan and make sure that any equipment their workers use is safe and up-to-date.

While the commemoration of Workers’ Memorial Day will hopefully reduce workplace accidents in Arizona, they no doubt will still occur. When someone gets injured at work, he or she may wish to seek out assistance in getting the workers’ compensation benefits that he or she deserves.

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