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Arizona construction worker suffers fatal work injuries

Safety authorities say falls are some the most common causes of fatalities and severe injuries in the construction industry nationwide, including Arizona. Employers must protect the health and safety of employees, and address known safety hazards that could cause work injuries. This responsibility includes providing adequate safety training and personal protective equipment, along with instructions on the proper use of fall harnesses and their anchors.

Sadly, despite enforcement by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, many workers are tasked with jobs at elevated levels without proper fall protection or the knowledge of the appropriate use of PPE. A recent incident caused the death of a construction worker in San Tan Valley. Reportedly, the worker was employed at a new construction project.

Reportedly, the worker fell and landed under some equipment. A spokesperson for the fire department says the worker died at the accident scene. It is not known whether the worker was equipped with fall protection as prescribed by safety regulations.

Whenever a worker dies in Arizona after suffering fatal work injuries, surviving family members have to deal with unanticipated financial consequences at the same time as coping with the loss of a loved one. Fortunately, that burden can be eased by the state-regulated insurance system. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney can assist with the claims process to obtain coverage of the expenses related to end-of-life arrangements. Furthermore, the family might receive a financial package to replace a portion of lost wages and assist with day-to-day living expenses and monthly obligations, such as a mortgage or rental payments.

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