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A lack of machinery safety could have devastating consequences

Employers in the industrial sector in Arizona must provide adequate safety training to protect workers from equipment-related hazards. A lack of machinery safety can lead to amputations, electrocutions and even death. Employees must learn that, no matter how small a repair job is or how quickly a blockage can be removed, all the power sources to the machine must be turned off. Lockout/tagout procedures could include electricity, pneumatic, gravity, steam, water and hydraulics.

Typical equipment-related injuries happen because not all the power sources were deactivated before doing repairs or cleaning. If the machine was locked out but not tagged, another worker who is not aware of the maintenance taking place could turn the power back on. Also, if a malfunctioning piece of equipment is not locked out and tagged, it might be used by an employee who did not know about the defect.

All machines with working parts must be equipped with safety screens or guards to prevent contact. It is not only the operators of equipment that are at risk but anyone who is working nearby. No one should ever reach into a machine to remove debris or blockages. A hand or a piece of clothing can be pulled in by rotating parts in the blink of an eye — often with catastrophic consequences.

Victims of injuries that resulted from a lack of machinery safety might be eligible for financial assistance to help them cope with medical expenses and lost wages. An experienced Arizona workers’ compensation attorney can assist with the navigation of the benefits claims process. In the event of an amputation or another catastrophic injury, the lawyer can help with arranging vocational rehabilitation.

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